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9 To 5

Current location: Jakarta, Pluit office

Local time: 2.20 pm.

Another update from me! I don’t even remember when I last posted.. Must’ve been at least a week ago… Oh yes, Jakarta!

I am completely settled in my hotel room and in the office. Apparently we’re very lucky because the hotel is only a 10 minute drive from the office. Other projects often have an hour-long commute. In Jakarta it all depends on traffic. If it’s raining, a 10 minute commute can suddenly take over 30 minutes! Thankfully we don’t have to drive (we’re not even allowed! bla bla. Insurance. bla bla:) ). so we have hired locals that drive us around. It makes me feel rich, haha!

We leave for work at 7.30 am, arrive there around 7.45. Work all morning, break for lunch around 12.20 pm, have some delicious lunch in the same building we work in, and get back to work. Work all afternoon, finish around 7 pm. Back at the hotel around 7.20 pm and have some dinner. I tend to order room service, so I can relax in my room, watch some tv and get to bed early. Also, I go to the gym at least 3 times a week, so if I want to eat after working out, it would mean I would still be in the dining room around 10 pm. Not great :). Sometimes, we go to the mall, which is very close, and get some food in a food court. Obviously eating with the team is more fun, but I’m often too tired to walk to the mall and have dinner there. It just takes up all evening.

The work itself is also very enjoyable! I do lots of simple tasks, which isn’t very challenging, but I’m slowly moving towards more challenging tasks. We’ll see where that goes.

I spent my day off (last Sunday) in the city center. I’d gotten the contact information of a fellow Dutchie, Michelle, here in Jakarta. She’s doing her graduate thesis here in Jakarta for 2 months, so we decided to hang out on Sunday. We went to the national museum (meh), the national monument (busy!), and the biggest mall in Jakarta (yay!). We had some lunch, watched a movie (Fast & Furious 7: *Sad face*), and walked/talked. It was a great way to spend my day off, and making new friends is always fun! Great day!
Today, also a Sunday, sadly isn’t my a day off. I made the mistake of offering my help to the project director for a small project and now I’m stuck working all day. Lesson learned, eh? No, just kidding. It’s not like I’ve got something better to do, right?

Alrighty then. This is me signing off. As always, thanks for reading.

Talk to you soon!

Semoga hari 😀




Hi everyone! I’m back.

I’m pretty sure not everyone was going to believe I would stick with this blog, but I am! Therefore, today you will get another glorious blog!

Last time I spoke about Singapore, today it’s time to discuss Jakarta!

I left last Saturday, really early.. I was flying out at 10 am, and my taxi would arrive at 7.30 am. Just in case my own alarm wouldn’t work, I requested a wake up call. Which is completely normal.. However, apparently the ringtone from the wake up call was the Kabouter Plop music! Every Dutch person will know what I mean by that. For non-Dutchies: here is a link. I’m not kidding, I have never been in such a foul mood as that morning. What a way to ruin a perfectly good morning -_-

Anyway, I made it to the airport in time (no queues! In an airport! What a wonderful feeling:)) and eventually, I landed around 11.15 am local time (Jakarta is one hour behind Singapore). Boskalis had arranged for a driver to pick me up, but I couldn’t find anyone at the airport holding a sign with my name. After wandering around for 45 minutes, I then decided I would call a taxi on my own and just charge it to the company. Remember, Thecla has no sense of direction and I was not going to get lost in an airport… Man, was I happy to be out of the heat and into an air conditioned car. I cannot express how hot it can get over here. The taxi dropped me off at my hotel and I got checked in. Again, I got really lucky and the hotel is amazing. I have a great room (15th floor, so an amazing view), great food and really friendly staff. I have to get used to everyone being so damn friendly and polite. I mean, everyone is bowing all the time, apologizing for ridiculous things and then saying thank you if you don’t get mad. I get that it’s their job, but the different cultures do play a role as well I suppose. It just makes me feel awkward…

After checking in and relaxing for a bit, I went to my new workplace. Because of all of the road works, crumbling sidewalks and rushing traffic, it takes me way too long xD. 300 meters suddenly becomes 5 km! And we all know I don’t enjoy walking, haha!

I got back to my hotel around 4, and I was so tired, I just fell asleep! I woke up around 5.15 pm got dinner, and went back to bed:). On Sunday I slept in. I eventually got woken up by housekeeping, because they wanted to clean my room xD. I decided I would go into the mall that is attached to the building where my work is as well. I shopped, had some lunch and shopped even more. It almost feels like America to me. Except for the sizes. They are definitely used to smaller people over here xD. Way to make me feel insecure, Indonesia ;-). But things are ridiculously cheap… A good dinner can cost you about 10 euros! Which is 150.000 IDR… I feel rich with all of those massive bills in my wallet. Which I’m totally fine with! Feeling rich is a good feeling :).

When I got back around 4 pm, I decided to go the gym (I know, big surprise. Thecla does something active for a change.. 😉 It only lasted for 45 minutes, but I sure was proud of myself! 🙂

So after only 2 days of work, I’ll be moving to the project office tomorrow. I’ve been at the regional office for the last two days, getting some experience with the financial system. So tomorrow, the real work can start! I can honestly say, even though I’ve only been working abroad for a week, I’m really enjoying it. The hotel life is fabulous (for now), I don’t have to clean, cook or worry about anything! That’s pretty cool:). Of course, work is what takes most of my time, but it is really interesting and time flies when I’m at work. What more can you want?

It also means I can finally unpack my suitcases. I’ve had 3 different hotels, 4 different hotel rooms so far and tomorrow I will finally arrive at the final destination (no jokes about bad disaster movies please ;-)).

Well, that’s it for now. Not much to say. Life evolves around work and sleep these days…But that’s not a bad thing! I’ll let you know what I’m up to :).

BTW, I learned my first bahasa (local language) yesterday! I’ve had to write it down because I keep forgetting it. But I can now say thank you in Bahasa!

So to everyone who is reading: Terima Kasih! 🙂

Until next time,