First of all, thank you for visiting this blog. How nice of you, to take time out of your (probably) very busy schedule to visit this website to read about my adventures. I really appreciate it. No really, I do!

Anyway, since this blog is about me, here’s me & my face:

Thecla, 01-12-2013

Zoetermeer, 01-12-2013

I am currently 23 years old, I am Dutch and I have decided to go on an adventure. I know that sounds like the start of an audition for a talentshow, but it really isn’t. I promise.

When I was in high school, I really enjoyed learning English. Not only did I enjoy learning the language, I really enjoyed the possibilities that learning this language created. I figured that if I could speak English, I could travel. And if I could travel, I could meet interesting people, learn new things, enjoy life to the fullest basically. Now I know this sounds very grown up for a 12 year old. In reality, I just really enjoyed speaking English. The other stuff came later.

5 years later to be exact. When I finished high school, I went looking for a university that would take me abroad. I didn’t want to be abroad for my full bachelor degree, but I wanted to have the option to go somewhere else. After two years of following the regular program, I decided to start my international ‘career’. I did an international semester at home (which sounds a bit wierd I know, I would just follow classes with international students), I did an internship in New Zealand, I did a semester in Germany and I ended up back in The Netherlands for my final internship which I did in Amsterdam with a multinational company.

After I graduated in December of 2013, I immediately got a job as a credit control employee. However, this was definitely not my dream job, so I kept searching for that one, special job. One day, I got sent a link for an application with a major dredging & maritime company. The application was for a traineeship with the company for 1,5 years as a financial trainee. I immediately applied and after a pretty tough selection process I got the good news: I got in!

Now this job is the main reason for this blog. I will be posting my adventures, successes, failures, personal achievements and lots more on this blog.

So enough about me, check out my home page for the latest news about…you guessed it: me!



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