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The Doctor and I

Hello one, hello all!

Bit of a long break between blogs, I’m sorry about that. It’s just that I was really, really busy! If you don’t believe that… Just do! I didn’t even have days off! But you don’t have to feel sorry for me, because I just had 2,5 great weeks and I’m about to have another great few weeks!
On with the story then:

My last post was almost 3 weeks ago! Can’t believe it… well here is the most important thing that happened: I MET THE DOCTOR! And not just any doctor… I met Doctor Who (for the non-nerds: Wikipedia)!

So this is what happened: On the 11th of april I’m googling away…checking Facebook…whatever. And suddenly: I see this video of two dueling doctors: 1 is in Philadelphia and the other in Australia… And they’re making fun of each other and telling the other off… So it got me thinking… If some of them are in Australia, who knows… They might be coming to Perth?! And as you might have guessed… They were! So I booked my ticket immediately, and 2 days later I was standing in a hotel in Perth, meeting the Doctor, River Song and Martha! Btw, non-nerds, sorry. I’m not planning to translate everything to non-nerd language or to link to everyone’s Wiki page, so bear with me. The big takeaway from this blog is that I’m a very happy nerd 🙂

In the end, I got my picture taken with them (3 separate pictures and a group picture), got the pictures autographed and watched them really creepily from about the 6th row in a big hall where they were keeping the Q&A. I cannot express how exciting this evening was for me… I have adored Doctor Who for 10 years (OMG! Anniversary!) and it was amazing to get to meet the stars who made this show come alive. Not only did I get to meet them… They were incredibly nice! We discussed my name (and unique names in general) , got highfived because of my unique name, Alex Kingston called me Sweetie multiple times (her catchphrase in the show) and we bonded over our European heritage (she’s basically half German apparently!). People always talk down about science fiction and fantasy fans and stuff… But we’re just people who are very enthusiastic about our hobbies… And it does help when the people who star in those sci-fi and fantasy series/movies are down to earth, willing to share their time, etc. Of course there are weirdo’s…. But they’re everywhere! No escaping them… Doctor Who has actually shown me that this is a very ‘normal’ and open group of people. So yeah, enough gushing… Take it from me: this was an amazing evening for me and probably one of the best in my life.

Which brings me to my next exciting thing: only 13 days left until my next (hopefully) greatest evening of my life: FLEETWOOD MAC! on June 1st, I get to see one of the greatest (maybe greatest? There are plenty of arguments to be made right there) rock bands in history! I will be coming back to The Netherlands on the 29th, which means that I’ll be in time to lie in front of the Ziggo Dome on June 1st to ensure I get a place in front of the stage! 🙂 In all honesty, I’m super excited about this and it just happens to coincide with something else: Me coming back home!

I love my job, really do, but working for 9,5 weeks, 6 (sometimes 7) days a week, 12 hours minimum… It does actually take its toll. So I’m just looking forward to spending time with family and sleeping in! And getting my wisdom teeth pulled… Which is going to suck… But I’m sure a next blog post will discuss that lovely topic, haha!

On the 9th of June I’ll leave The Netherlands again… Will be going to New Zealand for a week! I’m going to be reunited with Pat! For those that don’t know: Pat was my lovely host when I was in New Zealand for my internship in 2011. Even though I’ve seen Pat 2 years ago in Amsterdam, I can’t wait to see her again! I genuinely adore her (*cough* and her amazing cooking skills *cough*) and it’s going to be great catching up!

I’ll be back in Perth on June 17th and am not sure when I have to report back to work… Officially I need to start on the 22nd, but I’m thinking about starting a bit earlier so it won’t be as busy… But I’m not sure yet. I only have 3 weeks of leave, so why would I start earlier? Oh well, I definitely haven’t made my mind up yet… Whenever I do make up my mind, I’m sure you’ll notice the complaining will get worse ;-).

Alright. That’s it for me… Enough gushing about my perfect life. Hit me up with a comment if you want to.. Otherwise, an e-mail or text would be cool too. let me know if you want to meet up the first week of June when I’m back home. Would be nice to hang out with friends again, outside of Skype!




PS. I’m attaching my Doctor Who pictures… Bet you’ve never seen a smile that big on my face! 😀Freema Agyeman Signed-page-001 Matt Smith Signed-page-001 Doctor Who Group Picture-page-001 Alex Kingston Signed-page-001