Down Under

Location: Perth, Australia

Local time: 11:00 am



As you might have noticed, I am now in Australia! How wonderful 🙂

It was a complete surprise, but that is the way Boskalis likes to deal with its people: Surprise them by telling them they will be leaving in 2 days :D. Basically, I’ve just switched projects to benefit a colleague. Well, it’s not like I’m not benefiting from this deal either… ;-).


So late last week I got a call from the business unit controller, explaining the situation. He then tells me: So your colleague is already in Singapore, do you agree to the switch? Not like I had much of a choice, haha. Nor did I want a choice, I was fine with going to Australia! So I arranged my visa on Thursday, got my ticket on Friday and flew out on Monday! Thankfully, I had Sunday and Monday morning off, so I got to relax before flying out to the next project. I went out with Michelle on Saturdat evening, we got home pretty late. Lot’s of fun stories to tell about cocktail bars and expat bars in Jakarta,.. Ask me about them via text/ Whatsapp or when I get home. Not sure if it’s such a good idea to put these stories on my blog xD. Anyway, I got back to the hotel around 4.30 am, after more than a few cocktails / Guinness (Not a great combination.. Trust me 😉 ). We ended the night in a bar called Eastern Promises, which was run by two Irish guys who were probably not making any profit, since they were drinking as much as the rest, but not paying for it. We got into an argument about the Walter Mitty movie.. I did not agree with them that it was a great movie.. Seriously? I would need to be really drunk to agree with that xD.

Anyway, I slept in until 1.30 pm on Sunday, and even though I was planning on visiting Batavia Stad, I could not get out of bed. So I did some work (finishing some stuff for the Jakarta project), watched some tv and had dinner with some colleagues. I went to bed early since I was saying goodbye to everyone on Monday morning at breakfast. Even though I wasn’t leaving until 11 am, I couldn’t leave without saying goodbye, so I had breakfast at 7 am -_-

My flight left at 14.15 pm, flying to Bali. I spent that flight next to a guy from Belgium (of all places). Turns out he was a retired police officer. Retired at 58.. Turns out Belgium does have some advantages :-). He was travelling all over the world, 1 region at a time. What a life, eh?

From Bali, I would then fly to Perth. this time I was wedged in between 2 Australian people. What a great start to my flight. Turns out they were really nice, explained a lot about what I could do in Perth during my stay and made the flight in general a lot more enjoyable.  then again, so did the wine :D. I arrived at 11 pm local time (Time difference with Jakarta: 1 hour further. Time difference with Amsterdam: 6 hours), and I still had to go through customs! Let me tell you, that was not an enjoyable experience. There were 2 massive flights arriving at the same time: From Bali and from Hong Kong. That means there are lots of foreigners arriving at the same time. Yet somehow, there were only 3 immigration officers working… so that took about an hour… Not great when you’re tired.. And even worse when you have small kids (and there were many, many of those…). However, after immigration came baggage claim and checking the baggage. Again, massive queue. This time, there was only 1 (one!) officer who was checking everyone’s luggage. Thankfully, I didn’t have anything to declare, so I could get out of that line pretty quick 🙂 Only took half an hour or so..

By the time I got to my apartment, it was almost 1 am. I’d already spoken to some people from the Perth office, and we had arranged to meet at the reception of the apartment building at 8. At least I could sleep in! Until the builders next door started work at 6.45 am. You can imagine my face :). Almost as bad as the wake-up call in Singapore :D.

My first day in the office at Perth was great though! I got loads of information, which was a bit tiresome… But the people are great! Fantastic colleagues who are from all over the world (Philippines, Norway, Netherlands, Singapore, etc.) and who are really easy to get along with. To top of a great day, we all had a beer around 5 pm.. Just because :D. Man, what a great day it was! And one of the best parts: Work times are from around 7.45 am until 6.30… So I get to leave early! I still am one of the first to arrive in the morning and one of the last to leave, but I’m fine with that! I’m really enjoying it over here, so I’d agree with almost everything!

Alright then, time to sign off. Just a small recap/tldr: am now in Australia, courtesy of Boskalis and I’m enjoying every minute!


Until next post,




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